brazilian creativity

american pace and

italian class.

1  Web Apps
2  Websites
4  Experience Design
5  Interface Design

1  Brand Strategy
2  Brand Identity & System
4  Brand Launching
5  Creative Direction

1  Content
2  Campaigns
4  Media
5  CRM

—  Nicole Duzanowski, Director

Instituto Premium

Leading Dental and Health Clinic in Curitiba, Brazil

What people say.

Priscilla has been our graphic designer for years, and during all this time she has proved to be a very responsible and organized professional. She is also very efficient, delivering the requested jobs in short deadlines with great agility. Her work style combines the commercial aspect of design with a subtle and delicate aesthetic, avoiding anything aggressive or heavy. In addition, she is very creative, capturing the essence behind our requests and always surprising us with quality content and great work.


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